Fedu By NadiPhotography

I was contacted by Nadiphotography and was asked if id agree posing for him. Nadi is a very talented photographer who already has a large portfolio and in my opinion a rising star in his field ( Nadi this one´s for ya :)) . He is half Lebanese thus it was very easy to communicate with him and he directs very well. So you guessed right..it didnt take me too much thinking to jump on the occasion. I believe this wont be our last collaboration as well!!

So here are snaps from my phone taken straight from the camera. As soon as i get the full photos ready, ill try and publish few here :)

feel free to browse through his instagram profile @nadiphotography 

no am not naked :) tube top :) or more like my tshirt made into a tube top!

We did mainly Black and white raw snapshot and few colors..am eagerly waiting for the ones in color though! ( i didnt have time to snap the best color shots :( ) and tried different things. Next time well do more of a beauty shoot , so am definitely looking forward to that ( mainly so i can look at the makeup artist´s products ahahah)

VIDEO : morning face cleansing with ISABELLE BELLIS

I really urge you to try this technique, i have been using it for few days myself and i can tell it makes a world of difference. Plus there is a "How to apply your creams" second video available as well!

Isabelle Bellis is right: the way we apply our products is just a s important as the product itself!!
Hope you enjoy the video and here are the products am using:

Instead of thermal water like in the video i use my trusted rose water! I know rose water is often used as a toner but i usually spray it on my face throughout the day  to freshen up so its a great alternative . And who doesn't love a multi purpose product anyway?

CLARINS cleansing milk 
As a cleanser i got this giant cleansing milk ( from duty free) targeted to normal to dry skin. I do have dry skin but here is the thing: if am using a milk specific to dry skin i find it rather heavy and leaves my skin slightly greasy ( plus the purpose of the cleansing milk is really to clean not so much to treat). After i washed my face with tepid water ( ok maybe more tepid...hot ) i dont spray my rose water again : because water from Finland is simply very pure and AWSOME!

i do use this toner by LANCOME for dry skin because i love the smell and because i hate to waste product. Other than that i wont be repurchasing this product simply because it does contain alcohol although it claims not to! you can feel it when applied to a small wound! Now , i understand the purpose of alcohol in cosmetics but i don't like it in my toner, and i have to say am not sure i see at difference at all if i don't use this specific product..

                So long ! And happy face cleansing!!  XXX


Getfit update

It´s fall and the gym starts to look full of people again ( where have they disappeared during summer) and i am one of those who decided i to get fit again!
Okay am rather healthy most of the time ( my chocolate addiction doesn't count obviously and chocolate  is a plant, chocolate is salad we all know that by now :)) but here is an update of this week´s workout

Monday / rest day
Tuesday / Strenght training 1 hour ( upper back, shoulders, biceps) - super sore !!!
wednesday / power body 1 hour
thursday /Combat 1 hour ( bad idea as my arms and back were still very sore)
today / zumba 1 hour and LEGDAY 35 min

i have to say this week is a dream compared to last week. Last week i went running twice on top of gym routine AND attended a 3hours crosstraining marathon.

But the results are here, just dont give up if you are on a health path as well. For those of you who check out my intagram from time to time , i also post snapshots of my meals.

remember to workout for your bodytype, what works for a certain body type doesnt for others. I will talk about that in a later post . For now: so long am off to the gym and i hope you have a great weekend :)



it´s fall; nothing new here but a perfect classic ; the burgundy nail polish, The only color in my opinion that truly suits each and every skin tone! And also, one of this classic colors which suit lots of outfits.

p.s i do have another burgundy color from a LOREAL and  i believe you cant tell the difference in color at all ( but i must say he Estee Lauder application is really easy and smooth and dries really fast)


beautiful hair : keep it that way!

And am back to my trusted hair brand Kerastase !! Their elicxir ultime oil is just heaven and is one of theses products you can MULTI-USE. 

ok maybe i could go for a little trim..or use my flat iron less frequently :S...NOT!

this is how i use it: few pumps all over my hair before shampoo, one pumps on the lenght before blow drying, and one pump after my hair is all blow dried for extra shine and it does protect against humidity!
Also: it last forever so dont be put off by the price (33 euros ) ; my bottle lasts me at least 7 months.


where to get tea in helsinki

If you are a serious tea drinker or just an occasional one then this place is just perfect for you : HERKU ( Stockman´s supermaket ) has a wonderful little tea section .

Of course there are plenty of independent tea shops around Helsinki that offer a much larger selection ( e.g THEHUONE in Kamppi ) but at Stockmann you've got little samples of each tea to smell and then make a decision. Also i have looked at the pricing and in fact some teas are much cheaper to purchase that prepackage brands that we find in the supermarket shelves ( check the KG price next time you purchase tea)!!

I recently started drinking lot more tea rather than coffee and surprisingly i found out that i dont get that crazy fatigue dip around 2 p.m. anymore.! i still drink some coffee but i got down to one cup a day and thats fine ( of course capuccinos dont count hehe).
Most of the trime i would favor a green tea of course and i chose a chinese one as they arent as bitter as the Japanese green tea. Also remember to follow the brewing instruction very carefully or the tea wont taste as it should :) Enjoy!


sunday stroll

Stroll downton. sunday. i guess it is a tradition


5 p.m.

5p.m Home at last. Great day and i managed with only one cup of coffee i guess am definitely on a healthy path hope i can keep it up for more than few days . So green tea it is and my favorite snack: delicious and sweet oranges with cinammon and i might just have added a sprinkling of coconut to make it extra glamorous. Hope the rest of the week goes just as smoothly . BISOUXXX

btw oranges and cinammon are your skin´s best friend!!!

New in: grown up serum

I have been using serums on off for the past year but nothing too serious. Or maybe i didnt just find the right one for my skin.Add to that the fact that it isnt a product you just walk in the store and buy randomly ( hello price!!). I have gotten a million samples from different brands before deciding on this DIOR serum. In fact am already thinking of acquiring the serum from the same line for the under eye area. Right now i just dab this one under my eyes as well but i noticed the specific eye one works better and i even checked the ingredient list on both ( they re different so that´s a good thing at least its not just a gimmick of the mother serum).
If your in your 20s do not hesitate to get a serum. They arent meant for a certain demographic and taking good care of one´s skin cant ever be a bad thing too early.

i have been using this serum for one week and it is a miracle product truely ..but i already knew that because i tried the sample for a full two weeks before getting the full size bottle ( 75mL)
I also very much liked a serum by khiels but i know it contains Lavender and many people tend to have a reaction to it and i guessed i might just as well since i do have somewhat a sensitive skin.

Os: do get samples before setting your mind on a particular serum. Even if you are already using products from a certain brand, trying it on a daily basis ( under your makeup) at night and see how your skin react is totaly differentfrom trying it in the store . If the sales personn cannot give you any sample i suggest you move on to another brand!  nobody should be expected to buy such an expensive skincare product without trying right?)




summer outfits snapshots

I have been a baaad baaad blogger this summer , i havent uploaded anything mainly because sometimes there are more important things in life. But here is what i have to say: i had a fabulous summer and i met great people and wore very colorful outfits;) i was active on instagram and thought id share with you some snaps of my summer outfits.

absolutely loved the white linen shirt and glitter flats combo ( casual glam so girly and sweet right?) // my nike and ACNE cotton jumper was an accidental match i swear!

long sleeves vs. short skirts : finnish summer weather 

absolute favorite although the location isnt the most appealing ( anyhow we were just having a sandwich from street gastro bus with the amazing ESSIE -callherprincess )



Promenade in my camel coat

Saturday morning: last weekend before the leaves fall out and winter officially moves in. I dont mind the hour change so i get to sleep longer without having to make excuses. Went for a long walk to Kaivopuisto, a beautiful park here in Helsinki ..decided to walk all the way from there to downton to check out the mid season sale: baaaad idea! over crowded and my panicked little creature ( BUBA ) did NOT like it at all. hope you re enjoying this fall season and this favbulous weekend.
ps enjoy your flats and ballerinas while you CAN!

// samedi matin: promenade au parc. Superbe temps.Que du bonheur!!